Ligne de bus X17 sur la carte de New York
New York
New York
Trajectoire de l'itinéraire sur la carte
New York
Le genre et le numéro de transport:
Autobus X17
6.50 $
Jours actifs:
From "Hylan Boulevard/Bedell Avenue": 09:35# — 15:15#
From "Woodrow Drive/Vineland Avenue": 04:05 — 06:00 and 08:45 — 16:16
From "East 57th Street/Third Avenue": 10:25# — 13:50#/15:20* and 17:49*/18:41 — 00:00

* - short service from "40th Street" in Manhattan. During break in service, use «X17A», «X19» from/to Downtown and «X17J» from/to Midptown Manhattan.
# - extended service to/from Tottenville. Other time X17 service terminate at "Woodrow Drive/Vineland Avenue" in Staten Island; and part of only-extended route serves by X22. Be careful! During operate extended service toward Manhattan, buses are following "Woodrow Drive/Vineland Avenue"-stop without stop. Use nearlocated "Huguenot Avenue/Sinclair Avenue" stop or X19 bus route.

From "Woodrow Drive/Vineland Avenue": 04:30 - 19:00
From "East 57th Street/Third Avenue": 06:45 - 20:50

From "Woodrow Drive/Vineland Avenue": 05:00 - 18:50
From "East 57th Street/Third Avenue": 07:00 - 20:30
Horaire ou intervalle:
Weekdays: 10 - 60 minutes
Weekends: 30 - 60 minutes

Current schedule. Discribing on this page service marked in pdf-file as (C). Information about trips (A) and (J) you can find on pages about «X17A» and «X17J» routes accordingly.
Hylan Bl/Bedell Av - East 57th Street / Third Avenue
East 57th Street/Third Avenue - Page Avenue/Hylan Bloulevard
Passes dans les rues:
Hylan Boulevard (#) — Craig Avenue (#) — Amboy Road (#) — loop to "Outerbridge|Park and Ride" (#) — Bloomingdale Road (#) — Woodrow Road (#) — Rossville Avenue (#) — Arthur Kill Road (#) — Huguenot Avenue — Drumgoole Road East (backward: Drumgoole Road West) — Arden Avenue — Arthur Kill Road — Richmond Avenue — Platinum Avenue — Marsh Avenue — Richmond Hill Road — Richmond Avenue — Staten Island Expressway — Verrazano-Narrows Bridge — Gowanus Expressway — Battery Place — Trinity Place (backward: Broadway) — Church Street (backward: Broadway) — Avenue of the Americas (backward: Park Avenue South) — East 23rd Street (backward: East 32nd Street) — Madison Avenue (backward: Fifth Avenue) — East 57th Street

# - ONLY weekdays off-peak extended service
Agence du transite:
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Information additionnelle:
Attension! One stop in Brooklyn on each direction serves only weekend! No weekdays service!
Statistiques de l'itinéraire:
Longueur (distance) de l'itinéraire dans la direction sortante: 64.37 km
arrêts: 88
Longueur (distance) de l'itinéraire dans la direction entrante: 64.96 km
arrêts: 89
arrêts:Direction sortante
Hylan Bl/Bedell AvHylan Bl/Sprague AvHylan Bl/Yetman AvHylan Bl/Chelsea StHylan Bl/Carteret StHylan Bl/Craig AvCraig Av/Amboy RdAmboy Rd/Main StAmboy Road/Sleight AvenueAmboy Road/Brehaut AvenueAmboy Road/Page AvenueAmboy Road/Richmond Valley RoadAmboy Road/Bedell StreetBloomingdale Rd/Amboy RdOuterbridge/Park and RideBloomingdale Rd/South Service RdBloomingdale Rd/Englewood AvBloomingdale Rd/Alysia CtWoodrow Rd/Winant AvWoodrow Road/Opp Winant AvenueRossville Av/Woodrow RdRossville Av/Opp Correll AvRossville Av/Selkirk StRossville Av/Pond StRossville Av/Veterans Rd EArthur Kill Rd/Veterans Dr WHuguenot Avenue/Sussex GreenHuguenot Avenue/Avon GreenHuguenot Avenue/Rosedale AvenueWoodrow Rd/Vineland AvHuguenot Avenue/Sinclair AvenueHuguenot Avenue/Rathbun AvenueHuguenot Avenue/Edgegrove AvenueHuguenot Avenue/Drumgoole Road EastDrumgoole Road East/Huguenot AvenueDrumgoole Road East/Edgegrove AvenueDrumgoole Road East/Albee AvenueDrumgoole Road East/Jefferson BoulevardArden Av/Drumgoole Rd EArden Av/ Stafford AvArden Av/Woodrow RdArden Av/Correll AvArden Av/Hampton GreenArden Av/Forest GreenArden Av/Dover GreenArthur Kill Rd/Arden AvArthur Kill Rd/Arden Hghts ShopArthur Kill Rd/St John NewmannArthur Kill Rd/Woodrow RdArthur Kill Rd/Annadale RdEltingville/Transit CenterRichmond Av/Forest Hill RdRichmond Avenue/Yukon AvenueMarsh Av/Windham LoopMarsh Av/Elmwood PK DrMarsh Av/Richmond Hill RdRichmond Hill Rd/Vassar StRichmond Hill Rd/Country Dr WRichmond Av/Richmond Hill RdRichmond Av/Nome AvRichmond Av/Draper Pl SRichmond Av/Rockland AvRichmond Av/Rivington AvRichmond Av/Signs RdRichmond Av/Eton PlRichmond Av/Victory BlRichmond Av/Morani StRichmond Av/Yona AvLamberts La/Richmond AvDahlgren Place/86th StreetTrinity Place/Rector StreetChurch Street/Liberty StreetChurch Street/Park PlaceChurch Street/Chambers StreetChurch Street/Thomas StreetAvenue of the Americas/Lispenard StreetAvenue of the Americas/Waverly PlaceAvenue of the Americas/West 14th StreetWest 23rd Street/Avenue of the AmericasEast 23rd Street/BroadwayMadison Avenue / East 25 StreetMadison Avenue/East 29th StreetMadison Avenue/East 34th-35th StreetsMadison Avenue/East 40th-41st StreetsMadison Avenue/East 47th-48th StreetsMadison Avenue / East 54 StreetEast 57th Street/Madison AvenueEast 57th Street / Third Avenue
arrêts:Direction entrante
East 57th Street/Third AvenueEast 57th Street/Lexington AvenueEast 57th Street/Park AvenueEast 57th Street/Madison AvenueFifth Avenue/West 54th StreetFifth Avenue/West 46th StreetFifth Avenue/West 40th StreetEast 32nd Street/Fifth AvenuePark Avenue South/East 26th StreetPark Avenue South/East 21st StreetBroadway/East Thirteenth StreetBroadway/Waverly PlaceBroadway/West Houston StreetBroadway/Broome StreetBroadway/White StreetBroadway/Worth StreetBroadway/Reade StreetBroadway/Barclay StreetBroadway/Cortlandt StreetBroadway/Exchange AlleyBattery Place/Washington StreetGatling Place/86th StreetRichmond Av/Lamberts LaRichmond Av/Lander AvRichmond Av/Merrill AvRichmond Av/Victory BlRichmond Av/Carnegie AvRichmond Av/Signs RdRichmond Av/Rivington AvRichmond Av/Draper PlRichmond Av/Nome AvRichmond Hill Rd/Richmond AvRichmond Hill Road/Country Drive WestRichmond Hill Rd/Vassar StMarsh Avenue/Ring RoadMarsh Av/Elmwood PK DrMarsh Av/Windham LoopRichmond Av/Yukon AvRichmond Av/Forest Hill RdEltingville/Transit CenterArthur Kill Rd/Annadale RdArthur Kill Rd/Woodrow RdArthur Kill Rd/Opp Aspen KnollsArthur Kill Rd/1547 Arthur Kill RdArden Av/Arthur Kill RdArden Av/Dover GreenArden Av/Forest GreenArden Av/Hampton GreenArden Av/Rolling Hill GreenArden Av/Crown AvArden Av/Sinclair AvArden Av/Drumgoole Rd WDrumgoole Road West/Jefferson BoulevardDrumgoole Road East/Ramona AvenueDrumgoole Road West/Edgegrove AvenueDrumgoole Road West/Nippon AvenueDrumgoole Road West/Huguenot AvenueHuguenot Avenue/Ramona AvenueHuguenot Avenue/Sheldon AvenueWoodrow Rd/Vineland AvHuguenot Avenue/Rosedale AvenueHuguenot Av/Avon GreenHuguenot Avenue/Sussex GreenHuguenot Avenue/Lombard CourtArthur Kill Rd/West Service RdRossville Av/Veterans Rd WRossville Av/Barry StRossville Av/Correll AvRossville Av/Woodrow RdWoodrow Rd/Helios PlWoodrow Rd/Winant AvBloomingdale Rd/Sharrots RdBloomingdale Rd/Englewood AvBloomingdale Road/Veterans Road EastOuterbridge/Park and RideAmboy Road/Bedell StreetAmboy Road/Richmond Valley RoadAmboy Road/Murray StreetAmboy Road/Barnard AvenueAmboy Road/Lee AvenueAmboy Road/Main StreetAmboy Road/Connecticut StreetCraig Avenue/Hylan BloulevardHylan Bloulevard/Finlay StreetHylan Bl/Brighton StHylan Bl/Yetman AvHylan Bl/Sprague AvHylan Bl/Bedell AvPage Avenue/Hylan Bloulevard
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