The achievement system on the Wikiroutes website allows users to assess their own and others' achievements in various areas related to activity on the site.

These achievements are displayed in the form of icons on the user's profile page and include types such as the number of routes created, translations into different languages, editor level, and more.

Some achievements have multiple levels, reflecting the editor's diligence in each direction.

Below is a detailed list of achievements and the requirements for obtaining them

One-time achievements

Can be obtained once if the required condition is met

TOP 10

Attain a spot among the top 10 users ranked by the number of edits made in the last 90 days

TOP 100

Achieve a position in the top 100 users based on the number of edits made in the last 90 days


Confirm email

Experienced user

Get the 2nd level


Get the 3rd level

City launch

Create 5 routes in a city that is not yet in the database

Underground man

Create 5 metro routes


Create 20 bus routes

Packed like sardines

Create 20 minibus routes


Create 20 tram routes

Trolley master

Create 20 trolleybus routes

Fair seas and a following wind!

Create 7 routes or water transport

Railroad engineer

Create 5 lines of electric trains


Create 5 cable car routes


Create 5 monorail routes

Cable car

Create 5 cable car routes


Vote for update of another user

My vote for you

Vote 200 times for the edit

Limb of the law

Vote 100 times against the edit

Official account

City administration

Wikiroutes Team

WikiRoutes Admin account


Project sponsor

Expert cartographer
Awarded for active participation in various mapping projects. Contact the Administrator to receive it.

Active user of the cartographic project

Transportation specialist
Awarded to employees and volunteers in transportation sphere. Contact the Administrator to receive it.

Working in transportation sphere

Awarded for helping with project localization into other languages. Contact the Administrator to receive it.

Help in translating the project into other languages


Leave 5 text reviews about the routes


Leave 25 text reviews about the routes


Leave 50 text reviews about the routes

Cumulative achievements

Below are the achievement levels, reflecting the quantitative indicators of editors in each type of activity on the site.

As new milestones are reached, the icon in the user's profile changes to reflect the new number.

Routes creation
Add new routes to the site
Routes editing
Edit existing routes
Added kilometers of new routes
No-one's gonna stop me now
Number of stops created
Write comments on edits, routes or ideas
The IDEAlogical inspirer
Number of ideas added