1. The present document is an offer of “Wikiroutes” project (hereinafter - Wikiroutes) to the Internet User (hereinafter – the User) wishing to use the Service on the website or in applications of “Wikiroutes” project (hereinafter – the Service) to conclude a User agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement), regulating the relations between them towards the use of the Service.

2. By taking any of the opportunities of the Service listed in Sec. 3 of this Agreement, the User agrees with all terms of the Agreement and undertakes to comply with it or to eliminate the use of the Service.

The Service provides the User with the opportunity to create and / or edit the schematic layout and / or description of the geographical objects (public transport stop and public transit routes, etc.) (hereinafter - the Data), to review the Data posted by other Users and to add additional information and comments on it, as well as to use the Service by other means, that are not inconsistent with this Agreement.

4. When placing the Data within the frames of the Service there will be indicated the name (a pseudonym) of the User posted it, which he\she specified upon registration or in the settings of his/her personal Data in the relevant section of the Service.

The Data is stored in the Database of the Service and is available on the website of the Service or on the other Services of Wikiroutes, with that Wikiroutes does not guarantee the safety of the Data to any extent and / or during any period, including in the case of change of the Data in relation with the Service development.

  • Performance of some of the functions of the Service is possible only with access to the Internet. The User shall receive and pay for such access by himself (by herself) under the terms and as per the tariff of his\her Service provider or Internet access provider.
  • Data about public transport links, access to which is provided by the Service is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use by the User within the frames of Service Component functionalities. Any extraction, copying, reproduction, processing, distribution of the Service data, it’s placement at free access (publication) on the Internet, any use of Service data in the media and/or for commercial purposes and any other use not distinctly permitted by this User agreement, terms or RF legislation and being beyond the scope of the functionality of the Service, is prohibited without the prior written permission of Wikiroutes.

6. Wikiroutes has the right without notice of the User and without explanation not to accept the Data for the publication or at any time to remove the Data from the Service site, to edit it, or to replace with the Data posted by other Users. In particular, the basis for deletion of Data is as follows:

  • placement of Data violating the provisions of Regulatory documents;
  • placement of the Data including the advertisements;
  • placement of the Data including the advertisements of individuals.

7. The User agrees that the Data placed by him/her in the Service will be available for all other Users of Wikiroutes for review and editing. Wikiroutes is not liable for the use (both for lawful and unlawful) by the third parties of the Data published on the website and in the applications, including for its reproduction and bringing to the public knowledge, carried out both in the frame of the Service and through other possible means.

8. The User transfers to Wikiroutes rights for the Data to the full extent. The received Data can be used on other Services of project Wikiroutes not specified in paragraph 1 of this Agreement, and with the consent of Wikiroutes on the resources of the third parties, as well as in the advertising and marketing materials both with the indication of the User’s name and also without it (anonymously), without the need for obtainment a special permit from the User and without payment of the remuneration. The rights for the Database being an aggregate of the Data created through the Service belong to Wikiroutes. Use of the Data by other means, besides the opportunities provided within the frames of the Service, is not permitted.

8.1 The User is hereby notified and agrees that when using the Service Wikiroutes in automatic mode anonymously (without reference to the User) the following information is transferred: the type of the operating system of the User's mobile device, version, and identifier of the mobile application of the Service, statistics of usage of the functions of the mobile application of the Service, as well as other technical information.

9. The User is solely responsible for his\her actions related with the creation and placement of Data through the Service, including for the fact that Data posted to comply with the legal requirements and does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of the third parties, as well as for the emplacement, content, completeness, correctness and accuracy of the information.

10. Services provided by the Service are granted Wikiroutes “as is”. Wikiroutes does not guarantee that the Service (including the Data placed thereon) corresponds the objectives and expectations of User, its uninterrupted and error-free operation, as well as the safety of the User’s profile and safekeeping of Data posted by the User on Service. Use of the Service and Data placed on it is carried out by the User at his\her own risk and peril. Wikiroutes does not bear any responsibility for the Data posted by User, does not confirm or deny its accuracy and reliability. Wikiroutes is not responsible and does not cover any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the User or to the third parties in a result of the use or inability to use the Service or the Data contained on it. Wikiroutes has the right at any time at its own discretion to modify or discontinue provision of any opportunities within the Service in whole or in part.

11. All claims related with the use / inability to use the Service and / or Data must be sent to e-mail: [email protected]

12. The present User Agreement applies to all future updates / new versions of the Service. By agreeing to use of the Service, the User accepts the terms of the present User Agreement for the relevant updates / new versions of the Service, if the upgrade / installation of a new version of the Service shall not be followed by other license agreement.

12.1 Wikiroutes can at any time without notice to the User modify the text of the present Agreement and / or any other terms of the use of the Service. The actual text of the present Agreement is available at https://wikiroutes.info/de/manual/#/agreement

Terms of use of the materials from the website Wikiroutes.info
1. Any use of the materials of the site is allowed under condition of referring to it in one of the following forms:
1.1 When using on any printed carrier reference to the material in the form of «Wikiroutes.info» is required.
1.2 When using the materials of the site on the Internet, an active and direct link «Wikiroutes.info» is required.
1.3 When using materials of the site on radio and TV, verbal references to "Project Wikiroutes.info» is required.
1.4 When using graphic and photo materials, the removal of the watermarks on the material is prohibited. Overlapping on top of other images are also prohibited.
1.5 At a reprint of the material it is required placement in the first window indication of the source «Wikiroutes.info» with a hyperlink
1.6 Font Size of the link or hyperlink should not be less than the font size of the text of the material used.

2. The Use of the materials from the site on the competing sites and in all mobile applications without a special permit of Wikiroutes is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved by the current Legislation of Germany, Unites States, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus and other countries.