Report on changes in March and April 2018

Report on changes in March and April 2018

Globally, more than 50 bugs on the site and mobile applications have been fixed. If you see errors, don’t hesitate to report them to us.

We redrew and fixed all icons, including achievements in the user profile, stops and modes of transport. Improved fonts and colors. Many adaptivity issues fixed for tablet and mobile devices.

Saving changes while editing a route
In connection with the improvement of the site and bug fixes we had to disable the functionality of local storage: saving data every 30 sec when editing routes. In the future this feature will again be implemented as drafts.

Bulk route data update
The admin tool has been improved to allow for quick changes to routes. Now requests for a bulk changes in the routes, e.g. payment methods, cities, characteristics, etc. will be executed almost immediately.

Bottom panel for mobile devices
Using the experience of large Internet services, to improve usability, in the mobile version the main menu has been moved to the bottom of the screen.

Locate to your city
To get rid of the need to specify the city at the entrance to the list of routes section, we added the functionality to automatically position the user and set the city for him. In this case, if it was defined incorrectly you can fix it by choosing another city from the list.

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