Wikiroutes: Your Global Public Transport Navigator

Wikiroutes is a dynamically developing global public transport directory used by over 30 million people. Our database is constantly updated and enhanced by thousands of editors from 100 countries, offering up-to-date and accurate transit information.

Our Core Advantages

  • Save time and resources by quickly finding optimal public transport routes.
  • Explore available routes in your area and discover new ways to travel.
  • Contribute to the development of your city's transport network with improvement suggestions.
  • Easily share route information with friends.

Our Mission and Goal

We aim to unite transport companies, governmental and municipal organisations, and public transport users worldwide to enhance the quality and accessibility of transport services.

The Importance of Improving Public Transport

  • Time savings in transit allow more focus on work, relaxation, and family.
  • Enhanced efficiency in businesses related to the transport industry.
  • Improved comfort and reliability in travel.
  • Enhanced overall quality of life for citizens.

Our Key Principles

Collaborative editing: everyone can contribute to the accuracy and up-to-dateness of our database. All changes undergo community moderation to ensure high-quality information.

Accessibility: Wikiroutes remains completely free. Core features, including route search and data editing, are always available without charge.

Respect and support: our community unites people from different countries and cultures, working in a spirit of cooperation and politeness.

Active participation: your contribution matters. Engage in voting, surveys, and share feedback with our support team at [email protected].