Wikiroutes is free-edited directory of public transportation all over the world, which is used by 30 million people. Thousands of editors update database of routes in more than 60 countries around the world

  • Save time and money — quickly find the best way to travel on public transport
  • Find out what transport runs in your district, and discover new routes
  • Sign up for new routes and updates in your area
  • Easily share routes with friends

Our goal

We want to organize a bilateral communication between transit agencies and users of public transport in order to improve the convenience and overall quality of local transit services in the whole world.

Our mission

Wikiroutes community makes public transport better! Even a small contribution of each editor results in a huge change of the system as a whole. Join us, we are more than 75.000 registered users!

The benefits of improving public transport’s efficiency :

  • Saving travel time — more time for work, rest or communication with family.
  • Improving the efficiency of enterprises associated with public transport
  • Increasing travel comfort
  • Improving the quality of life

Our principles


Everyone can help keep our database up to date by means of Routes editor:

  • Recently added route (or its correction) is sent to the moderation. Our community votes for or against posting it in the database and tells where the corrections can be made (if any). This usually takes 3 days. The voting system is a quality control for the information you add.
  • If a new route (or its correction) scored the required number of votes, it is stored in the directory and is involved in the search results.

Free of charge:

Basic functions — search for an optimal route, view routes directory, routes editor and others — will always be totally free!

Mutual respect

Wikiroutes unites representatives of different cultures and countries, who can have very different points of view. Cooperation in a spirit of mutual respect and observance of the basic rules of politeness — a guarantee of stable performance of our project.

Mutual help

Help beginners edit data. Do not remain indifferent to the shortcomings in the content, posted by other community members. As our user, you will be able to add missing information and correct the mistakes.


  • Suggest your ideas
  • Vote for the routes
  • Participate in community polls
  • Please report bugs and violations by other users to technical support: support@wikiroutes.info