Report on changes in October and November 2018

Report on changes in October and November 2018

Mobile App Updates
As a result of policy changes in maps used in our Android and iOS mobile apps, the address auto suggest function has stopped working. In the last update of both apps we fixed this problem and several other minor bugs. In the future, we plan to add new fields of public transit routes to mobile applications that are already available on the site: route colors, transport classes, payment methods, characteristics (tags).

Track changes in active route updates
We have added a tracking functionality for changes made by users to route updates that are undergoing moderation (on voting). Now it is possible to trace what changes in the editing were made by this or that user: the author of the editing and users of level 2+. After re-sending the route to moderation, a comment is published, in which the fields in which changes were made and their previous state, as well as the names and number of stops included or excluded from the route and the whole change of the trajectory of the forward or reverse directions were recorded.

Fully updated Spanish translation
We welcome active users, especially those who are willing to help with the translation of the site into other languages. This time, the level 3 editor from Peru Paolo Salvador did and a tremendous job of translating the entire site into Spanish, and also added a large number of routes in his country and made edits to routes in other countries

New website features

  • On the route update page in edit mode you now can see the icons of cities on the map, which are in the Wikiroutes database. If you click on this icon, you can easily include the city in the “Cities” field. Also, the icons of the included cities are different from all the others, so you can easily understand which cities to add, for example, in a long-distance route
  • For level 2+ users: We have found that some editors misuse the function of moving the stops and change the location for more than 1 km. Now the radius for moving the stops is limited to 250 meters from the original stop location
  • Now you can login to Wikiroutes with your Google account (The functionality to link google account to Wikiroutes profile will be added soon)
  • Fixed detection of user language during registration and added the ability to select 1 of 12 languages ​​for regular mailing messages on favorite routes and cities and system emails
  • Removed the need to enter a text comment when leaving a route review, now you can simply rate routes using the proposed criteria

Bug fixes

  • Fixed users’ avatars resolution when registering through all social networks. Now they are higher resolution
  • Fixed a number of other issues related to the registration and authorization of users and sending confirmation emails and welcome letters
  • Fixed a bug with copying the route from the existing one. Now all payment methods and route characteristics are correctly copied
  • For editors of level 3+: When using the remove stop duplicates function, you had the ability to delete the stop name. The problem was fixed
  • For editors of level 3+: Merging the duplicated stops that were linked to the same route caused a number of problems with the integrity of database. A restriction has been imposed on such actions in the duplicate removal functionality. If you still need to merge such stops, first exclude one of them from the corresponding routes
  • Fixed the construction of the trajectory in the Routes by People project. Now the line construction works like the same functionality on the update page. Improved mobile usability in edit mode
  • Fixed a large number of bugs on the layout of the site, we started developing a new design, more convenient for mobile devices

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