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1. The principle of voting

1.1 Any changes to data made by users go through the stage of voting by the members of the community or the administration. It is necessary to check the quality of the input information.
1.2 If a user’s edit (update) reaches 10 votes for or votes against, it is posted in the directory or rejected, respectively.

2. Voting rules

2.1 When checking the updates, you must consider the level of the user. If it is a novice, you should take into account his/her limited experience explain in detail what his/her mistakes are and how to fix them.
2.2 It is forbidden to give your vote “For” if you do not have any information about the quality of the data entered.
2.3 In case of finding an error, do not immediately vote “Against” which will cause an update to be blocked, but first point out the mistakes and suggest the solution.
2.4 If you decide to review your blocked editing, inform the support team.

3. Voting rules

User rating (vote) — a number that specifies the weight in the voting.

Voting weight is calculated as follows:

L - user level. The minimum value is 1 (new member).

C - the number of comments added to existing routes

E - the number of edited routes (which gained a minimum of 10 votes)

V - the number of comments to the Edits (votes also count)

I - the number of ideas added in Routes by people project

4. User Level №2

Active editors who have learned how to use the editor tool and regularly update information in the database can apply for Level 2 by contacting the administrator in any convenient way (Contacts).

Benefits of Level 2:

- editing other users' edits

- editing stops (renaming and moving)

- user rating is increased by 1 point

5. User Level №3

Editors who have learned how to use the stop editor tool can apply for Level 3 by contacting the administrator in any convenient way (Contacts).

Benefits of level 3:

- merging duplicated stops into one

- user rating is increased by 1 more point

If you have questions, please write us

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