Last edited: 15.06.2020

  1. 1. Create stop

    1. 1.1 Determine the place for the stop and make sure that it has not been created before.
    2. 1.2 Switch the map layer to “Satellite”, specify the location of the stop, and click the right mouse button.
      1. 1.2.1 The stop must to be placed in the actual location of the stop points (any kind of structure), or on the roadside. The stop should be on the right side of the road in accordance with traffic direction (for right-hand traffic).
      2. 1.2.2 If the stop created from Satellite maps is on the opposite side of the road in default Map mode (because of the essential difference between the Satellite and Google Map layers), you should ignore the rule №1.2 and place a stop using the default Map mode.
    3. 1.3 Enter the name and address of the stop and click “Create”. If the name of the stop is unknown, enter the address or just the name of the street where the stop is.
  1. 2. Special aspects of creating tram stops

    1. 2.1 Please, do not forget that the tram stops are usually located on the tramways.
  1. 3. Edit stop

    1. 3.1 To start editing, select the stop and click "Edit".
    2. 3.2 On the opened page, make changes to the text fields "Name" and "Address" and, if necessary, correct the stop location (you can move the stop 250 meters maximum from the original location). Click "Save".
    3. 3.3 Only users with levels 2 and 3 can move and rename the stops.
    4. 3.4 Level 1 users can contact the administration to ask to rename or move the stops. The request for renaming should include a link to the stop page and the Old and New stop names.
  1. 4. Remove duplicates

    1. 4.1 Users with level 2+ can access the functionality to remove duplicated stops by merging them into one main stop
    2. 4.2 To access duplicates removal tool click on the stop and select "Remove duplicates"
    3. 4.3 On the opened page select the "Base" stop, and then "Link" the rest stops which will be merged into the main stop
    4. 4.4. If necessary, correct the name and address of the stop and click "Combine"
    5. 4.5 ATTENTION! It is prohibited to merge the stops of one route whether it is outbound, inbound or both directions. To merge such stops, you need to unlink the stops from the listed routes.