Last edited: 27.10.2020

Instructions for using the city generator

Attention! The city creation functionality is available only for level 2+ editors.
Level 1 editors should apply for adding a new city to the administrator: https://wikiroutes.info/en/manual/support

  1. Go to the list of routes section of any city and click "Create new city." Or use the direct link to city generator: https://wikiroutes.info/en/generateCity
  2. Enter the name of the desired city in the search field above the map and click "Search on the map". If necessary, also specify the region / city and country for a more accurate search
  3. Cross hair should be located approximately in the center of the desired city (when you click "Find on the map" the coordinates are set automatically)
  4. Establish a map zoom visually covering the main part of the residential buildings of the settlement
  5. Select the country in which the city is located
  6. In the "English" field, enter the city name in English, and then click the "Translate" button. The city names in other languages ​​will be filled automatically.
  7. Click on the "URL" button to convert the English city name into a suitable city address
  8. When all the fields are filled, click the "Send for moderation"