Last edited: 04.03.2019

  1. 1. Registration and Authorization

    1. 1.1. It is forbidden to have multiple accounts on the Wikiroutes website
    2. 1.2. It is necessary to indicate a working email which can be confirmed and used to restore the password in case of loss.
    3. 1.3. The username should not include:
      • words or parts of the words "Administrator", "Moderator" or other similar words in any language, because of which other members of the community may mistake you for a representative of the project administration
      • abusive words and insults
      • names of transit agencies (if the user is not an official representative of this company on the Wikiroutes)
  2. 2. Rules for uploading pictures on the edit page

    1. 2.1 It is prohibited to upload photos to the site:
      • Advertising;
      • Erotic or pornographic nature;
      • Insulting the honour and dignity of other users;
      • Demonstrating scenes of violence against people or animals;
      • Public distribution of which is prohibited by law;
      • Containing texts with profanity;
      • The content of which is illegal or promotes illegal activities or violates the rights of third parties.