Ligne de bus N21 sur la carte de Londres
Trajectoire de l'itinéraire sur la carte
Le genre et le numéro de transport:
Autobus N21
1.50 £
Jours actifs:
every night
Horaire ou intervalle:
Sunday evening to Friday morning::
Bexleyheath Clock Tower: 00:35, 01:05, 01:35, 02:05, 02:30, 02:55, 03:25, 03:55.
Trafalgar Square: 00:45, 01:15, 01:45, 02:15, 02:45, 03:15, 03:45, 04:15, 04:40.

Friday evening to Sunday morning:
Bexleyheath Clock Tower: 00:35, 00:55, 01:15, 01:35, 01:57, 02:19, 02:40, 03:00, 03:20, 03:40.
Trafalgar Square: 00:55, 01:15, 01:35, 01:55, 02:15, 02:35, 02:55, 03:15, 03:35, 03:55, 04:15, 04:35.
Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station (Stop G) - Geddes Place
Bexleyheath Clock Tower (Stop L) - Charing Cross Station (Stop H)
Passes dans les rues:
Bexleyheath - Bexley - Blackfen - Avery Hill - Eltham - Lee Green - Lewisham - New Cross - London Bridge - Bank - St Paul's - Aldwych - Trafalgar Square
Agence du transite:
London Central (from New Cross (NX) garage)
Information additionnelle:
Statistiques de l'itinéraire:
Longueur (distance) de l'itinéraire dans la direction sortante: 26.95 km
arrêts: 85
Longueur (distance) de l'itinéraire dans la direction entrante: 26.67 km
arrêts: 87
Dernière édition:
arrêts:Direction sortante
Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station (Stop G)Southampton Street / Covent Garden (Stop A)Aldwych (Stop D)The Royal Courts of Justice (Stop L)Fetter LaneLudgate Circus (Stop E)Ludgate Hill / Old Bailey (Stop G)St Paul's Cathedral (Stop SK)Mansion House Station (Stop ME)Bank Station / Queen Victoria Street (Stop MD)King William Street / Monument Station (Stop G)Monument Station (Stop P)London Bridge (Stop Y)London Bridge Station (Stop D)Southwark StreetUnion Street (Stop H)Borough Station / Great Dover Street (Stop E)Trinity Street / The Roebuck (Stop L)Blackhorse CourtBartholomew Street (Stop BE)Bricklayer's Arms (Stop BK)Old Kent Road / East Street (Stop G)Dunton Road (Stop EC)Trafalgar Avenue (Stop EE)Malt Street (Stop EN)Peckham Park Road (Stop EN)Commercial Way (Stop EP)Old Kent Road / Ilderton RoadBriant Street (Stop F)New Cross Bus Garage (Stop H)New Cross Gate Station (Stop M)Marquis of Granby (Stop T)Amersham Road (Stop A)Malpas Road (Stop B)Lucas Street (Stop C)Lewisham College (Stop SK)Tyrwhitt Road / St Johns Station (Stop SL)Undercliff Road (Stop SN)Loampit Vale / Jerrard Street (Stop SP)Lewisham Station (Stop D)Belmont Hill (Stop N)Belmont Park (Stop P)Manor Park (Stop Q)Brandram Road (Stop R)Dacre Park (Stop S)Lampmead Road (Stop L)Lee Green / The Old Tigers Head (Stop K)Cambridge Drive (Stop W)Weigall Road (Stop EA)Courtlands Avenue (Stop EB)Eltham Road / Kidbrooke Park Road (Stop EC)Sutcliffe Park (Stop ED)Eltham Road / Westhorne Avenue (Stop EE)Eltham Hill / Westhorne Avenue (Stop EK)Vandyke CrossKingsground (Stop X)Sherard Road (Stop Y)Eltham High Street / Roper Street (Stop O)Eltham High Street / Pound Place (Stop S)Eltham High Street / Westmount Road (Stop V)Bexley Road / Glenesk Road (Stop AH)University of Greenwich / Mansion Site (Stop AJ)Riefield Road (Stop AK)Rennets Wood Road (Stop AL)Blackfen Road / Boundary RoadQueenswood Road (Stop A)Blackfen Road / Days Lane (Stop B)Blackfen Road / Westwood Lane (Stop C)Blackfen Road / Ramillies Road (Stop D)Blackfen School for Girls (Stop A)Blackfen Road / Penhill Road (Stop B)Beechway (Stop C)Woodside Lane (Stop D)The Anchor (Stop E)Riverdale Road (Stop F)Cross Lane (Stop G)Parkhurst Road (Stop A)Bexley Station (Stop D)Bexley Library (Stop F)Hartford Road (Stop H)Gravel Hill Close (Stop F)Broomfield Road (Stop G)Halcot Avenue (Stop H)Bexleyheath / Highland Road (Stop Y)Geddes Place
arrêts:Direction entrante
Bexleyheath Clock Tower (Stop L)Bexleyheath / Highland Road (Stop X)Halcot Avenue (Stop C)Broomfield Road (Stop D)Gravel Hill Close (Stop E)Hartford Road (Stop J)Bexley Library (Stop G)Bexley Station (Stop E)Bexley War Memorial (Stop B)Cross Lane (Stop H)Riverdale Road (Stop J)Bridgen / The Anchor (Stop K)Woodside Lane (Stop L)Beechway (Stop M)Blendon / Penhill Road (Stop N)Blackfen School for Girls (Stop P)Blackfen Road / Ramillies Road (Stop E)Blackfen Road / Wellington Avenue (Stop F)Sycamore Avenue (Stop G)Queenswood Road (Stop H)Blackfen Road / Boundary RoadRennets Wood Road (Stop AM)Riefield Road (Stop AD)University of Greenwich / Mansion Site (Stop AE)Bexley Road / Glenesk Road (Stop AF)Eltham High Street / Foots Cray Road (Stop T)Eltham High Street / St Mary's Place (Stop P)Eltham High Street / Passey Place (Stop M)Eltham Church / High Street (Stop H)Kingsground (Stop W)Greenway (Stop WD)Eltham Hill / Middle Park Avenue (Stop WE)Eltham Road / Westhorne Avenue (Stop WP)Cedarhurst Drive (Stop WR)Eltham Road / Kidbrooke Park Road (Stop WS)Courtlands Avenue (Stop WT)Weigall Road (Stop WU)Cambridge Drive (Stop X)Lee Green (Stop J)Lampmead Road (Stop N)Dacre Park (Stop T)Brandram Road (Stop U)Belmont Park (Stop V)Marischal Road (Stop W)Belmont Hill (Stop M)Lewisham Clock Tower (Stop R)Lewisham Station (Stop J)Lewisham Station / Loampit Vale (Stop F)Loampit Vale / Jerrard Street (Stop SG)Undercliff Road (Stop SH)Lewisham College (Stop SJ)Lucas Street (Stop D)Malpas Road (Stop E)Amersham Road (Stop F)Marquis of Granby / Goldsmiths (Stop X)New Cross Gate Station (Stop O)New Cross Bus Garage (Stop J)New Cross Road / Besson Street (Stop C)Briant Street (Stop D)Pomeroy Street (Stop W)Old Kent Road / Ilderton Road (Stop WA)Commercial Way (Stop WB)Peckham Park Road (Stop WE)Malt Street (Stop WH)Trafalgar Avenue (Stop WJ)Dunton Road (Stop WN)Old Kent Road / East Street (Stop F)Bricklayer's Arms (Stop BP)Bartholomew Street (Stop BD)Trinity Street / The Roebuck (Stop M)Borough Station / Great Dover Street (Stop F)Union Street (Stop G)London Bridge (Stop M)Monument Station (Stop Q)Bank Station / King William Street (Stop F)Bank Station Queen / Victoria Street (Stop H)St Paul's Churchyard (Stop SH)St Paul's Cathedral (Stop SJ)City Thameslink Station / Ludgate Circus (Stop F)Shoe Lane (Stop H)Fetter LaneChancery LaneThe Royal Courts of Justice (Stop P)Aldwych / Somerset House (Stop R)Savoy Street (Stop U)Bedford Street (Stop J)Charing Cross Station (Stop H)
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