Ligne de bus N199 sur la carte de Londres
Trajectoire de l'itinéraire sur la carte
Le genre et le numéro de transport:
Autobus N199
1.50 £
Jours actifs:
every night
Charing Cross Station: 01:05 - 04:35
St Mary Cray Station: 00:15 - 03:45
Horaire ou intervalle:
every 30 min
Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station (Stop G) - St Mary Cray Station (Stop SA)
St Mary Cray Station (Stop SA) - Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station (Stop K)
Passes dans les rues:
St Mary Cray Station - Orpington - Petts Wood - Bromley - Downham - Catford - Lewisham - Greenwich - Pepys Estate - Surrey Quays - Canada Water - Bermondsey - London Bridge - Cannon Street - St Paul's - Aldwych - Trafalgar Square
Agence du transite:
Stagecoach Selkent (from Catford (TL) garage)
Information additionnelle:
Due to gas works in Cannon Street buses run in diversion via Bank. The diversion is expected to be in place until 31 October 2019.
Statistiques de l'itinéraire:
Longueur (distance) de l'itinéraire dans la direction sortante: 35.36 km
arrêts: 115
Longueur (distance) de l'itinéraire dans la direction entrante: 34.76 km
arrêts: 111
Dernière édition:
arrêts:Direction sortante
Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station (Stop G)Southampton Street / Covent Garden (Stop A)Aldwych (Stop D)The Royal Courts of Justice (Stop L)Fetter LaneLudgate Circus (Stop E)Ludgate Hill / Old Bailey (Stop G)St Paul's Cathedral (Stop SK)Mansion House Station (Stop ME)Bank Station / Queen Victoria Street (Stop MD)King William Street / Monument Station (Stop G)Monument Station (Stop P)London Bridge (Stop Y)London Bridge Station (Stop R)Hay's Galleria (Stop H)Abbots Lane (Stop J)City Hall (Stop J)Tower Bridge Road / City Hall (Stop K)Boss Street (Stop S)Dockhead (Stop H)Jamaica Road / Abbey Street (Stop J)Bermondsey Station (Stop D)Drummond Road (Stop E)Southwark Park (Stop F)Neptune Street / St Olaves Estate (Stop S)Surrey Quays Road (Stop Y)Canada Water Bus Station (Stop B2)Rotherhithe Police Station (Stop E)Surrey Quays Shopping Centre (Stop K)Surrey Quays Station (Stop L)Lower Road / Surrey Quays Station (Stop M)Yeoman StreetDunnage CrescentGrove Street / Plough WayWindlass PlaceRiverside Youth Club (Stop X)Deptford Park School (Stop Y)Evelyn Street / Grinstead Road (Stop U)Deptford Fire Station (Stop V)Abinger Grove (Stop W)Sayes Court EstateDeptford High Street (Stop C)Macmillan Students Village (Stop D)Creekside (Stop Z)Creek Road / Norman Road (Stop Y)Greenwich Town Centre / Cutty Sark Station (Stop A)Greenwich Town Centre / Nelson Road (Stop E)Greenwich High Road / Royal Hill (Stop K)Greenwich Station (Stop L)Ashburnham Grove (Stop A)Greenwich South Street / Blackheath Road (Stop B)Sparta Street (Stop C)Morden Hill (Stop EE)Blackheath Rise (Stop EF)Lewisham Station (Stop B)Lewisham Centre (Stop W)Morley Road (Stop Z)Lewisham Fire Station (Stop HN)Lewisham Park (Stop HP)Lewisham Hospital (Stop HR)Mount Pleasant Road (Stop HS)Rosenthal Road (Stop G)The Catford Centre (Stop D)Bromley Road / Lewisham Town Hall (Stop Y)Inchmery RoadNewquay Road (Stop BM)Catford Bus Garage (Stop BN)Bellingham Road (Stop BQ)Catford Police Station (Stop BS)Southend Lane (Stop ST)Green Man Community Hub (Stop SX)Old Bromley Road (Stop DL)Bromley Road / Downham Way (Stop DA)Ashgrove Road (Stop DB)Bromley Hill Cemetery (Stop DC)Bromley Court Hotel (Stop DG)Park AvenueWarner RoadFarwig LaneBromley Magistrates Court (Stop A)High Street / Market Square (Stop I)Bromley Town Hall (Stop K)Bromley Civic Centre (Stop T)Bromley High Street / The Mall (Stop X)Bromley South Station (Stop Z)Cromwell Avenue (Stop G)Bertha James Day Centre (Stop BA)Homesdale Road (Stop BB)Southlands Road (Stop BA)Bromley Common / The Crown (Stop BB)Crown Lane Spur (Stop BC)Southborough Library (Stop M)The Fairway (Stop N)Southborough Lane / Blackbrook Lane (Stop P)Oxhawth Crescent / West Arm (Stop Q)Southborough Lane / Baptist Church (Stop R)Crescent Drive (Stop S)Queensway / Petts Wood Station (Stop B)Jersey DriveCrofton SchoolPlace Farm Avenue (Stop CJ)St Thomas Drive (Stop CK)Crofton Road / Crofton Lane (Stop CP)Pound Court Drive (Stop CR)Orpington Station (Stop B)Tubbenen Lane (Stop H)High Street / Orpington War Memorial (Stop R)Walnuts Centre (Stop T)High Street / Broomhill Road (Stop V)Goodmead Road (Stop D)Carlton Parade (Stop L)Kent Road (Stop SV)Nugent Retail Park (Stop SJ)St Mary Cray / Station Approach (Stop SD)St Mary Cray Station (Stop SA)
arrêts:Direction entrante
St Mary Cray Station (Stop SA)Murray Road (Stop S)Nugent Retail Park (Stop SG)Stanley Way (Stop SH)Kent Road (Stop ST)High Street / Carlton Parade (Stop P)High Street / Church Hill (Stop W)Walnuts Centre (Stop U)High Street / Orpington War Memorial (Stop S)Tubbenden Lane (Stop J)Orpington Station (Stop A)Pound Court Drive (Stop CA)Crofton Lane / Crofton Road (Stop CE)St Thomas Drive (Stop CF)Place Farm Avenue (Stop CH)Crofton SchoolJersey DriveQueensway / Petts Wood Station (Stop C)Petts Wood Library (Stop E)Crescent Drive (Stop F)Oxhawth Crescent / East Arm (Stop G)Oxhawth Crescent / West Arm (Stop H)Southborough Lane / Blackbrook Lane (Stop J)The Fairway (Stop K)Southborough Library (Stop L)Newton Terrace (Stop BD)Bromley Common / The Crown (Stop BU)Southlands Road (Stop BV)Homesdale Road (Stop BH)Bertha James Day Centre (Stop BJ)Cromwell Avenue (Stop H)Bromley South Station (Stop A)Elmfield Road / The Mall (Stop V)Bromley Civic Centre (Stop S)Bromley Town Hall (Stop P)High Street / Market Square (Stop Z)Bromley Magistrates Court (Stop F)Farwig LaneWarner RoadPark Avenue (Stop DD)Bromley Court Hotel (Stop DE)Bromley Hill Cemetery (Stop DF)Ashgrove Road (Stop DJ)Bromley Road / Downham Way (Stop DK)Old Bromley Road (Stop SU)Green Man Community Hub (Stop SV)Southend Lane (Stop SW)Catford Police Station (Stop BA)Bellingham Road (Stop BB)Newquay Road (Stop BC)Inchmery Road (Stop BD)Bargery RoadBromley Road / Lewisham Town Hall (Stop W)The Catford Centre (Stop A)Rosenthal Road (Stop B)Mount Pleasant Road (Stop HF)Lewisham Hospital (Stop HH)Lewisham Park (Stop HJ)Lewisham Fire Station (Stop HL)Lewisham Centre (Stop V)Lewisham Clock Tower (Stop P)Lewisham Station (Stop G)Blackheath Rise (Stop ED)Morden Hill (Stop EC)Sparta Street (Stop D)Greenwich South Street / Blackheath Road (Stop E)Ashburnham Grove (Stop F)Greenwich Station (Stop R)Greenwich High Road / Roan Street (Stop H)Greenwich Church Street (Stop B)Creek Road / Norman Road (Stop W)Creekside (Stop G)Macmillan Students Village (Stop H)Deptford High Street (Stop A)Abinger Grove (Stop N)Deptford Fire Station (Stop P)Deptford Park School (Stop R)Riverside Youth Club (Stop S)Windlass PlaceGrove Street / Plough WayDunnage CrescentYeoman StreetSurrey Quays Station (Stop S)Rotherhithe Police Station (Stop P)Canada Water Bus Station (Stop B1)Neptune Street / St Olaves Estate (Stop R)Southwark Park (Stop C)Drummond Road (Stop B)Bermondsey Station (Stop A)St James's Road (Stop C)Jamaica Road / Abbey Street (Stop D)Dockhead (Stop E)Tanner Street (Stop A)Boss Street (Stop T)Tooley Street / City Hall (Stop M)London Bridge Station (Stop S)London Bridge (Stop M)Monument Station (Stop Q)Bank Station / King William Street (Stop F)Bank Station Queen / Victoria Street (Stop H)St Paul's Churchyard (Stop SH)St Paul's Cathedral (Stop SJ)City Thameslink Station / Ludgate Circus (Stop F)Shoe Lane (Stop H)Fetter LaneChancery LaneThe Royal Courts of Justice (Stop P)Aldwych / Somerset House (Stop R)Savoy Street (Stop U)Bedford Street (Stop J)Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Station (Stop K)
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