Bus route 14 on the map of Newcastl
Trajectory of the route on the map
Customs House
at Hamilton St
(to Swansea Heads)
Customs House → at Hamilton St
(to Swansea Heads)
at Hamilton St → opp Customs House
Service Directions
Operating Dates and Days
Whole year
Type & Route Name:
Bus 14
Swansea Heads, Caves Beach, Swansea, Blacksmiths, Marks Point, Belmont, Belmont North, Jewells, Gateshead, Charlestown, Adamstown Heights, Adamstown, Hamilton South, Merewether, Cooks Hill, Newcastle
Additional Information:
Service Statistics:
The length of the trip line №1: 36.11 km
Stops: 105
The length of the trip line №2: 36.72 km
Stops: 104
Direction: Customs House  → at Hamilton St
Customs House at Bolton St at Perkins St before Darby St opp Newcastle Art Gallery before Bull St at Parry St Cooks Hill Commercial Centre at Parkway Ave at Bar Beach Ave at Burwood St The Junction Public School opp Junction Fair before Lingard St opp Merewether Uniting Church after City Rd at Edward St at Henry St opp Neill Tce at James St at Fellowes St opp Adamstown Bowling Club opp Adamstown Park opp Adamstown Uniting Church opp West Park opp Adamstown Station before Bailey St after Fletcher St after Dibbs St Westfield Kotara Westfield Kotara opp Rachael Ave Hudson Park at Princeton Ave before Galena St at Princeton Ave at Madison Dr after Melissa Ave before Pacific Hwy after Ocean View Pde at Ida St Charlestown Branch Library Charlestown Square, Stand B Charlestown Square, Stand D opp Lions Park at Abrahams Ln before Oxford St after Oxford St opp Hughes St opp Hunter Sports High School opp Mick Middleton Fields after Groves Rd opp South St after Fencott Dr opp Gilsmere St Jewells Plaza before Lepton Pde opp Holy Family Anglican Church at Railway Cres after Railway Cres at Golding Ave after Master St before Chief St after John Fisher Rd at Patrick St at Cobbin Pde after Livingstone St at Merleview St opp Macquarie St at Gen St after Alick St at Robert St at Beach St at Clara St after Thompson St opp Marks Point Rd opp Docker St at Docker St at Awabakal Ave at Maneela St Pelican Flat Park after Gommera St opp Little Pelican Rd at Peel St opp Lake Rd opp Swansea Library opp Gray St at Alexander Pl at Caldwell St opp Caves Beach Tennis Club 137 Park Ave at Civic Ave opp Swansea High School at Middle St opp Ocean View Pde before Caves Beach Rd at Middle St opp Mawson Cl at Phillip St before Caldwell St before Ross St opp Parbury Pl opp Francis St at Lambton Pde at Hamilton St
Direction: at Hamilton St  → opp Customs House
at Hamilton St before Pacific Dr before Francis St opp Keith St at Dolphin Ct opp Caldwell St at Yachtsman Ave at Mawson Cl opp Middle St opp Park Ave before Ocean View Pde Caves Beach Uniting Church Caves Beach OOSH Caves Beach Tennis Club opp Alexander Pl at Gray St Swansea Library after Lake Rd opp Peel St after Little Pelican Rd after Turea St opp Pelican Flat Park opp Maneela St at Soldiers Rd Lake Macquarie Airport at Docker St before Docker St at Marks Point Rd before Emily St at Arthur St opp Beach St at Bellevue Rd opp Alick St Hunter TAFE before Macquarie St after Maude St opp Stanley St opp Cobbin Pde at York Cres after Pacific Hwy opp Master St after Master St after Prince St before Warrior St Holy Family Anglican Church opp Lepton Pde opp Jewells Plaza at Gilsmere St opp Fencott Dr after Murray St at South St opp Groves Rd after Lake St opp Oakdale Rd Hunter Sports High School at Hughes St at Oxford St after Oxford St 64 Pacific Hwy before Warners Bay Rd Lions Park Charlestown Square, Stand C Charlestown Square, Stand A at Charlestown Rd after Sherburn Pl opp Ocean View Pde after Pacific Hwy before Melissa Ave after Madison Dr before Princeton Ave opp Galena St at Princeton Ave at Lexington Pde after Rachael Ave opp Westfield Kotara before Dibbs St St Pius X High School after Bailey St Adamstown Station West Park Adamstown Community Early Learning before Bryant St Adamstown Bowling Club at Chatham St opp James St opp Merewether Public School opp Henry St opp Edward St at Gordon Ave Merewether Uniting Church after Smith St Junction Fair opp The Junction Public School opp Burwood St opp Kilgour Ave after Parkway Ave at Tooke St St Johns Anglican Church at Bull St Newcastle Art Gallery after Darby St at Perkins St at Watt St opp Customs House
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