Wikiroutes for Websites & Apps
Overview & Integration Guide

Trip Planner Widget

Help people find the optimal route from point "A" to point "B" with detailed information and various options for choosing routes.

City Routes Widget

Give users an opportunity to see all routes in the selected city.Classification by types of transport and the ability to search for the desired route.


Certain Line Widget

Show the selected route with detailed information and the ability to view similar routes.


Wikiroutes API

Wikiroutes API — direct access to the database of public transit routes of more than 1,500 cities of the world.

API.Wikiroutes methods:
  • obtain a full list of stops in the selected area;
  • build an optimal route on public transit (up to 100 options);
  • obtain a list of all routes in the city;
  • obtain a full list of routes which go through the stop;
  • get detailed information on the route (fare, transit agency, schedule, outbound and inbound lines, stops);
  • get a list of routes running within a radius from a specified point;
  • other upon request

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