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Transport in Tonga includes road, air and water-based infrastructure. There are 680 km of highways in Tonga, of which 184 km are paved, and there are a number of air and seaports. The beautiful island of Tonga is best reached and traversed by Air or Sea. Your personal yacht will definitely come in handy for island hopping on the warm pacific waters. Public ferries operate between the main island groups. Once you reach an island the best way to get around is on your own two feet while enjoying the serenity of island life. Taxis are available on Tongatapau, although the rest of the islands are too small to offer such service, with locals preferring to walk or having their own transport. Some hotels offer transport services and sightseeing packages. There are no rail services in Tonga. There is a limited bus service on the largest island of Tongatapau, although this does not run to a specific schedule. It is mainly used by locals for getting to and from work. There are no bus services around the islands. In many cases, you will be able to walk to where you want to go or you can ask your hotel for a free transfer.
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