Slovakia - list of cities and statistics


Transport in Slovakia is possible by rail, road, air or rivers. Slovakia is a developed Central European country with a well-developed rail network (3,662 km) and a highway system (225.25 km). Mid-sized towns all have efficient bus systems, and most villages have surprisingly good services too. Bratislava and Košice have trams and trolleybuses, and High Tatras towns are linked by an electric railway. Public transportation generally operates from 5am to 10.30pm (4.30am to 11pm in Bratislava). A reduced night-bus service runs in Bratislava. City transportation tickets are good for all local buses, trams and trolleybuses. Buy tickets at ticket machines and news stands near the transportation stop. Always validate your ticket in the machine on board (which usually stamps the time and date), or risk a considerable fine.