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Namibia's road network is regarded as one of the best on the continent; road construction and maintenance adheres to international standards. The country's more than 44,500 kilometres (27,700 mi) roads are administered by the Roads Authority, a state-owned enterprise established by Act #17 of 1999. Due to low traffic volumes the majority of roads are not tarred. Public transportation in Namibia is geared towards the needs of the local populace, and is confined to main roads between major population centres. Although cheap and reliable, it is of little use to the traveller, as most of Namibia’s tourist attractions lie off the beaten track. Trans-Namib Railways connects some major towns, but trains are extremely slow – as one reader remarked, they move ‘at the pace of an energetic donkey cart’. In addition, passenger and freight cars are mixed on the same train, and trains tend to stop at every post, which means that rail travel isn’t popular and services are rarely fully booked.
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