Mauritania - list of cities and statistics


Citizens of Mauritania have various transport methods. Railways and highways connect major cities in the country. Mauritania is a coastal country so there are many ports along its coast and there are a few big rivers that run through the country. Lastly, there are 26 airports spread out throughout the country. There are many private taxi companies in Mauritania’s large towns, including the capital, Nouakchott, and Nouadhibou. But the popular mode of transport is bush taxis, which travel between towns, as city cabs can be expensive. Taxis can be flagged down from the side of the road and while they are not metered, most have set fares. Travelers wanting to use cabs for longer journeys should negotiate the fare before departure and bear in mind breakdowns are common. Train travel is only available in northern Mauritania between the cities of Nouadhibou and Zouerat (an 18-hour trip) and passing through Choum. The line is convenient as the service is free, but requires advance booking. This is not a particularly popular mode of transport for locals as the journey is long, slow and not altogether comfortable. The train is actually more of a tourist attraction than a way of navigating the country, having been popularized by the mining industry as an integral part of the country’s economic history. The train has daily services with a passenger car and first-class options available.
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