Malaysia - list of cities and statistics


Transport in Malaysia started to develop during British colonial rule, and the country's transportation network is now diverse and developed. Malaysia's road network is extensive, covering 144,403 kilometres, including 1,821 km of expressways.  Taxis are found in all large cities, and most have meters – although you can’t always rely on the drivers to use them. Bicycle rickshaws (trishaws) supplement the taxi service in George Town and Melaka and are definitely handy ways of getting around the older parts of town, which have convoluted and narrow streets. In major cities there are also buses, which are extremely cheap and convenient once you figure out which one is going your way. KL also has commuter trains, a Light Rail Transit (LRT) and a monorail system. In Malaysian Borneo, once you’re out of the big cities, you’re basically on your own and must either walk or hitch. If you’re really in the bush, of course, riverboats and airplanes are the only alternatives to lengthy jungle treks.