Ireland - list of cities and statistics


Public transportation in Ireland exists in many of the island's urban areas, and takes a number of forms. Bus transportation is the main form of public transportation common in all cities. The cities, Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway all have their own suburban rail networks. The big decision in getting around Ireland is whether to go by car or use public transportation. Your own car will make the best use of your time and help you reach even the most remote of places. It's usually easy to get very cheap rentals – €10 per day or less is common – and if two or more are travelling together, the fee for rental and petrol can be cheaper than bus fares. The bus network, made up of a mix of public and private operators, is extensive and generally quite competitive – although journey times can be slow and lots of the points of interest outside towns are not served. The rail network is quicker but more limited, serving only some major towns and cities. Both buses and trains get busy during peak times; you'll need to book in advance to be guaranteed a seat.