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The system of transport in the Gambia mixes both public and private operations and consists of a system of roads (both paved and unpaved), water and air transport. There are no railways in the country. To reach the south coast, head to Bakoteh Junction, where you'll find sept-place (shared seven-seater) taxis and gelli-gellis(battered crammed minibuses) that head to the southern villages of Tanji, Sanyang, Gunjur and Kartong. The southbank road from the coast eastward is generally a better option than the northbank road as it avoids the unreliable Barra ferry crossing. The GTSC bus service, which travels along the southbank is the best option for long-distance travel. However, there are other options upriver, including bush taxis and gelli-gellis that depart from Mosque Rd, about 600m southeast of the Sayer Jobe intersection. For northbank destination, you'll have to take the ferry from Banjul to Barra, then hop onto a sept-place (shared seven-seater) taxi to Kerewan, from where you can change for transportation heading further east. Sept-place taxis are by no means a comfy way of travelling; however, they are infinitely better than the battered gelli-gelli minibuses. A few green, government-owned 'express' buses also ply the major roads. You can get on at Tippa petrol station in Serekunda – prepare for a slow, bouncy ride.
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