Canary Islands - list of cities and statistics

Canary Islands

A bus in the Canary Islands is called a guagua, pronounced ‘wa-wa’. If you’ve bounced around Latin America, you’ll be familiar with the term. Still, if you ask about autobuses, you’ll be understood. Every island has its own inter-urban service. One way or another, they can get you to most of the main locations but, in many cases, there are few runs each day. On some of the islands you can buy a Bono Bus card, which usually comes in denominations of €12, €15 or €30. It’s sold at bus stations and shops such as newsagents. Insert the card into the machine on the bus, tell the driver where you are going, and the fare will be deducted from the card. You get about 30% off standard fares with the cards, so they are a good investment if you intend to use the buses a lot. You can share a card with a fellow traveller.