Canada - list of cities and statistics


Transport in Canada, the world's second-largest country in total area, is dedicated to having an efficient, high-capacity multimodal transportation spanning often vast distances between natural resource extraction sites, agricultural and urban areas. Canada's transport system includes more than 1,400,000 kilometres (870,000 mi) of roads.All cities and most major towns in Canada have a public transport system with one or more ways to travel, such as: bus, train, subway, light-rail trains, streetcars (trams). If you plan to use public transport, research your options before you decide where to live. The bus is the most common form of urban transport in Canada. Some cities have other modes of public transit. In most cases, you can easily transfer from one mode of transport to another. To use public transport, you must buy a ticket or a transit pass. Transit passes give you unlimited use of public transport for a certain period (one month or more). They are usually cheaper than buying many tickets if you plan to use public transport often.