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Austria has one of the most highly developed transportation networks in the European Union with a dense bus and rail network criss-crossing the country. Especially the federal capital Vienna has an excellent public transportation infrastructure.In large towns there are various price deals for travel by public transportation. A single ticket (for a trip through the town in one direction) costs an average of €1.80‑2.20. In many towns, however, there are daily, weekly, monthly or annual passes as well as special deals for tourists.In larger towns, single tickets and multi-ride cards can be obtained from machines either at the stop or station or on the vehicle in most forms of public transportation (e.g. from the driver). You can also buy single tickets and multi-ride cards in advance from tobacconist’s shops (e.g. in Vienna). In rural areas you usually have to buy individual tickets, season tickets, etc. from the driver.In rural areas, buses and rail services are the main means of public transportation. A ticket for a journey of some five kilometres costs an average of €2.00. If you use transportation services within a town, you often pay a reduced local fare. There are discounts for certain passenger categories (children, pensioners, students).
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