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Data layers

Custom modifications

Monetize your location-based services, research and simulations.

Wikiroutes route data

Lines of all modes of transportation.

Wikiroutes stop data

Location and name of stop points.

Map tiles

Base maps layer: OSM, Mapbox, Here Maps, Google, etc.

Best fit for:

Transit Advertising Agencies
Public transport mobile apps
Multi-modal car navigation
Transit on-demand
Transit agencies
Local governments
Online map services
ITS providers
IOT and Smart-city
Transportation planning
Marketing research
Computer-based simulations
Mobile ticket payments
Courier services

Unified format, can be converted into any other: GTFS, Json, Xml

Easy to integrate into any project

Unique, no analogues in the world

Full coverage in the selected country / city

Maps of all modes of transportation, schedules and location of stops

Daily / Monthly updates

Wikiroutes API

Wikiroutes API — direct access to the database of public transit routes of more than 2,500 cities of the world.

API.Wikiroutes methods:
  • obtain a full list of stops in the selected area;
  • build an optimal route on public transit (up to 100 options);
  • obtain a list of all routes in the city;
  • obtain a full list of routes which go through the stop;
  • get detailed information on the route (fare, transit agency, schedule, outbound and inbound lines, stops);
  • get a list of routes running within a radius from a specified point;
  • other upon request

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