Wikiroutes new iOS app

Wikiroutes new iOS app

We are glad to announce that the Wikiroutes iOS app is now available on the AppStore by the link:
Download on the App Store

About app dev
The previous mobile apps no longer met modern design and functional requirements and did not fit into the capabilities that became available on the site after the transition to the new data format.
We decided to take the best from our old Wikiroutes app and a bit from other navigation apps and created a new design and usability. In addition, a new cross-platform API was developed and an open-source solution for finding optimal routes from Open Trip Planner was used.
We know that many are waiting for the Android app, just like ourselves, and this app is already in development. We wanted to release the old version of the application with the updated data earlier, but for technical reasons this could not be done. Therefore, you will see the new updated version, which is not inferior in functionality to the one on iOS.

Wikiroutes iOS app features
In the first version of the app you will receive access to the most of the website functions such as:

  • View the location of stops on the map with all available transit types
  • Explore routes on the stops:
    • Stop name and address
    • Routes which stop at it
    • Nearest transport departures
    • Find an optimal route to this stop from your current location
  • Explore routes information:
    • Trajectory on the map
    • Choose any direction (outbound, inbound, seasonal schedule, park routes, etc.)
    • Information about the operating time and transit agency serving the route
    • List of all stops
    • Departure schedule for all trips during the day on every stop
  • Best Trip Planner from A to B:
    • Choose your departure or arrival times
    • All types of transport are available
    • The search algorithm takes into account the route schedule indicated on the website
    • Detailed directions on the map and pick up / drop off times at stops

Browse stops on the map in your city

Detailed stop info with departure times

Public transit routes with schedules and map trajectories

Find optimal routes from A to B

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