Changes in the user manual for the last 3 months

Changes in the user manual for the last 3 months

Field "Itinerary" for off-street transport
Since specifying the sequence of streets for off-street transport (metro, trains, cable cars, funiculars, monorails, watercrafts, etc.) is not appropriate instead you should specify the sequence of stops. For long-distance intercity routes, you can specify the names of settlements and roads.
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Don’t demand the author of the edit to enter the data he/she doesn’t know
We have imposed a ban on voting against edits if in the opinion of the voter not all the data that could be indicated were indicated. It is necessary due to the fact that each editor contributes only that part of the information which he/she knows and is not required to have all the information about the route.
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Parts of data in inactive routes that can be corrected
Experience has shown that in addition to stops it is possible to correct other data in inactive routes as well. This includes such fields as: Route type, Cities, Itinerary and Color. Now you are allowed to correct this kind of information in inactive routes too.
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Shuttle routes to metro stations
Some passengers do not know that some metro stations, for example, in Moscow, are actually located outside the city, and are trying to find the routes that pass near these stations in the list of Moscow routes.
We added a paragraph in the rules that allows users to indicate the city in the corresponding field to which the metro system belongs if the route passes near one of the system’s metro station. We hope this will improve the experience of finding the right routes in the list of all city routes.
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Default map layer and mode of line construction
At the moment, when the site is in a state of transition to other technologies and services we cannot demand from users to adhere to a single mode of constructing trajectories or define the default map layer. There are no clear requirements right now. The rule will reappear when the we will be using the same maps and mode of line construction across the entire website.

Early changes to routes
Since some editors are still voting against the edits just because they were made prior to the real route changes, we decided to allow such changes.
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Rules of voting against edits
Due to the latest changes to the list of situations in which users are allowed to vote against edits we updated the user manual with a list of rules clarifying each situation.
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Official stops only
In order not to misinform passengers, a rule was introduced providing for the inclusion in the route of only official stops indicated in the operation rule for this route. The fact that the transport stops in other places along the route can be reflected in the text field called “Additional information”.
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